Analysis Of John Steinbeck 's ' Of Mice And Men '

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A tale as long of time, the story of two men who have a bromance like no other, on a serious note these two men show the complexities of different forms of masculinity, that transcends all cultures. In John Steinbeck 's book of Mouse and Men this was the base of the story in its most basic relation between people. Steinbeck tackles issues of races relations the dynamics and stereotypes of men and women, and what happens when one is a struggle between independence and dependencies. Throughout the book we see Lennie Small a quite seemingly innocent giant reliance on a quick talking dreamer who goes by the name of George Smith. We see the relationship of a seemingly mentally handicap man and how his handicap effect many throughout the journey.

A background as tranquil as the "hillside bank and runs deep and green and the "foothill slopes curve up to the strong and rocky Gabilan Mountains".(Steinbeck 1) The environment that was introduced in the beginning and shown in the tragic end; Lennie was a man that through the text can see he is a man going through some type of mental handicap. From the beginning we see the initial relationship that Lennie had with George. Lennie appears to be like a child in the ways he interacts with his environment beyond the fact that they were running for their lives after yet another incident. As the reader progress one realizes that he processes an innocence that has been tainted by darkness. From the beginning we realize that Lennie isn’t like
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