Analysis Of John Steinbeck 's ' Of Mice And Men '

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Alaura Lopez
Period 4

December 18, 2014
Mrs. George

Of Mice and Men Final Paper

John Steinbeck’s book Of Mice and Men presents the story of two men trying and struggling to find the “American Dream”. In southern Salinas, California during the 1930’s the main characters Lennie, a giant man with a childlike aura and George, the opposite of Lennie, a small man with strong features are displaced migrant ranch workers, that travel from town to town together in hunt of new work opportunities in the middle of the hardest time in history, The Great Depression. Throughout the novel, George dreams of becoming his own boss, to own his own piece of land, and most importantly to be a "somebody" in life. Lennie, George’s companion and also a mentally challenged man, dreams of living with George on their land where they could “live off the fatta the lan” (pg.14 Steinbeck) and Lennie could satisfy his fixation with soft objects by raising multi-colored bunny rabbits. Candy, one of the many farm hands, dreams of living with George and Lennie on their land as a resort of his responsibility after the death of his pet dog, and for the safety for his old age. Curley 's wife, dreamt of being a movie star actress in Hollywood, but her dreams were never fulfilled when she married Curley. The theme Of Mice and Men is dreaming of the American Dream, the feeling of powerlessness, and the struggle and coming to the reality of dreams, that dreams are called fantasies for a reason.…
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