Analysis Of John Steinbeck 's ' The Great Gatsby '

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By: Elizabeth Mozey
December 11, 2015
English 2

Ever wondered who was the best author in America? John
Steinbeck was an amazing author and his life story was also interesting. Steinbeck had an interesting childhood, family, and adult life, along with award winning novels. John was born to be a writer and it didn’t just brighten political views but really influenced his time. Some characters in his novels and inspirations mainly came from Salinas valley.
John Steinbeck was born February the twenty seventh 1902,in
Salinas, CA, USA. There were four children in his family and he was the only boy. While he was going to Salinas High
School, Steinbeck worked as a farm hand at sugar beet farm.
John graduated high school in 1919, and enrolled at Stanford school university.
His father, John Ernst Steinbeck, he was a manager for Sperry flour mill. He also was a book keeper and accountant who served many years as the treasure of Monterey
County, California. His father was also a mellow man and he failed at most of his attempts. On the other hand, Steinbeck’s mother, Olive Hamilton, was a teacher and she was a very ambitious women. She was also interested in the arts and that’s where Steinbeck got his love for literature. John was married three times. There was two children named Thomas and John IV.

John got his degree in Marine Biology. He left school to
Go to New York and become a reporter. John never liked any of
His jobs, so he moved back to
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