Analysis Of John Updike 's A & P

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Analyzing any literary piece can be hard to do. Knowing the right tools to analyze the work can make it tremendously easier. A good tool to know is the Schools of Criticism or Critical Theories. These occur when groups of critics come together and declare allegiance to a similar core of beliefs. Once they do, they ask a particular set of questions about the literary work. Each different way of analyzing brings up different sets of questions. There are a total of seven different schools. John Updike’s short story A & P, would be analyzed best using the school of New Criticism and analyzing Sammy’s experience throughout the day. New Criticism is the work’s overall meaning depending on the text in front of the reader. In high school or in freshman college classes this is how most students are taught to analyze works of literature. When readers use this school readers can evaluate tone, point of view, themes, ironies, figures of speech, imagery, ambiguities, paradoxes, word usage and meaning, connotation, allusions, symbols, and the relationship between the title and the text. Analyzing these concepts will allow the reader to understand the author emotionally and physically.
When the reader analyzes Sammy’s journey they are using the school of structuralism. Joseph Campbell came up with the idea to look at the Hero’s journey. There are three parts to the hero’s journey; the departure, the initiation, and the return. Using both of these schools will allow the reader to gain
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