Analysis Of John Watson 's Life

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November 25, 2014
John Watson’s life began in Greenville, South Carolina on January 9th 1878 whose parents were Emma and Pickens Watson. His mother Emma was very religious, so religious in fact that she named John after a Baptist minister, but his father on the other hand was not as religious as his wife. His father drank, had multiple affairs, and finally left his wife and son in 1891. During Watson’s childhood he was a student who did poorly in school and got in fights on a regular basis. “By all accounts he seemed destined to follow his father 's model of violence and recklessness. But he had ambition, certain courage, and considerable skill at self-promotion: He entered Furman University at age 16” ( At the age of 21 he graduated with his master’s degree. After getting his degree at Furman University he went to the University of Chicago and majored in psychology and philosophy. “Along the way, he dropped the philosophy and received his PhD in psychology in 1903” ( While attending the University of Chicago, Watson met a girl named Mary Ikes and eventually married her. The couple had two children, John and Mary. Watson and his wife later divorced after finding a love note from his student, Mary gave Watson t he choice to either end the relationship with his student or leave, and he chose the option of leaving. Rosalie was one of Watson’s graduate students at the Johns Hopkins University. After word got out…

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