Analysis Of `` Johnson Miller Is The Father Of The Former Governor Of Texas From 1954-1958 And A Conservative Republican

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Jane “Bitzi” Johnson Miller is the granddaughter of the former governor of Texas from 1954-1958 and a conservative Republican, Joe “Big Daddy” Johnson. She was born and raised up in West Texas on a ranch. Jane was married and now divorced with two grown children. In 1993, she started her company in Dallas which she later sold to Dell in 2014 for $2.5 million this means that she is an entrepreneur. Bitzi is a wealthy white woman who descends from a political family and legacy. Blitz studied her degree course of Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Texas where she was elected as a student’s leader and also a member of Young Republican’s club. She comes from a religious family. Before beginning her company, she was the…show more content…
She will put herself in the position of a free-market capitalist whose intention is to make Texas for business and fight any interference from the government. When she appears on the TV for her first ads, she will depict herself as an individualistic, business-savvy and strong candidate. Also, in her ads, she will evoke and introduce herself as the governors’ granddaughter purposefully to remind her elderly conservatives of her wishes to take back Texas to the simpler times where everyone who was willing and able to work was given a chance.
Bitzi was brought up on a ranch in West Taxes; she will revisit the region and assure the people of West Taxes that when they vote for her, she will ensure farm subsidies are kept in the state budget. She will tell them her story of how she grew up on West Texas ranch. In her story, she will talk about her father and mother and more about her grandfather. She will explain to them how she understands their life there, and she will be able to help them because she clearly knows how ranch life is like. She will most probably do well in this region (Rogers, 2016).
During her campaign, she will visit the Latino voters in Rio Grande Valley. Through her family-values, she will talk to them about how she will work to enhance education in their communities
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