Analysis Of Jon Krakauer 's Into The Wild

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Jack Sellas
Period 2
December 9, 2014
Life on the Road?
In Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild, A young man named Chris McCandless decides to escape the annoyance of his current life and live on the road, he pursues an incredible journey of adventure, danger and companionship. McCandless is a narcissist and believes that he can overcome any challenges that he faces because he is independent and is smarter than the average person. Krakauer emphasizes that arrogance will lead to failure in life; Just like McCandless believed everything was going to work it ultimately caused his death. He directs his message to any adventurers seeking to begin a journey on the road. If one is focused and clear minded they will survive and experience a life changing pilgrimage, if one is egotistic and unorganized they will encounter a fatal tragedy. Krakauer’s message relates to his own personal experience, John Waterman’s climb, Gene Rosellini’s experiment and my own personal experience with my friends.
Krakauer and McCandless both share a common interest for adventure and living on the road, however their approach to these interests is much different. McCandless ventured out to pursue his dreams with no experience living on the road; however he had high expectations for a life changing experience. His motivation for doing this was too escape his parent’s ignorance and to detach himself from society in order to restart his life and begin something new. It was his time to measure himself…

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