Analysis Of Jonathan Swift 's A Modest Proposal

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The economic crisis in Ireland in 1970s was an overbearing issue for the Irish and became a topic of satire ridicule for writers. Specifically, Jonathan Swift demonstrates mockery of this time in one of his written works, “A Modest Proposal.” The speaker proposes to shift the issues of over population and poverty to a business like mentality by paying woman to bare children and then after a year, gaining a profit by selling and eat their children. The speaker’s proposal to consume the children of Ireland demonstrates a satirical solution to the Irish’s economic problems since the speaker practices irony, paralipsis, and ridicule to his proposition to the people of Ireland. Verbal irony is used multiple times by the speaker to describe the poor individuals in Ireland. Within this essay, the speaker refers to the poor as “pigs” (16), “cows in calfs” and as “breeders” (Swift,??). The speaker even goes so far as to describe the poor children as they will be prepared for meals for the wealthy as an “art of making good bacon” by having them as “a well-grown, fat, yearling” (Swift,??). The irony developed by Swift is from the speaker proposing his argument of that the children will make the “most delicious, nourishing and wholesome food” (Swift, Paragraph 9) can be interpreted as a second meaning. For instance, the description of the poor Irish, made by the speaker, suggest that the individuals are being portrayed as animals that are meant to produce a mean of “advancing trade”

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