Analysis Of Jose Eduardo Martinez 's Article ' A College Argument '

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Eating as a college student can have it shares of eating problems, healthy, deep fired, homemade and fast food. When in college, there is a moment when we are free of problems when suddenly one problem shows up with another one showing up few moments with a third one not far apart equaling not one, not two but three problems that need to be fixed. From one of those three problems is hunger because it’s common for people to be hungry anytime of the day. Eduardo Martinez’s interesting argument article “A college argument”, has an interested argument that its target audience is college students because for starters, it has the subject college within the title making it easy to whom it talks about. Martinez has an essay that surrounds a logo base strategy because while reading the essay, the argument could be have been anything related to an average college student but rather it is based on a common action that doesn’t require a person to college. The first evidence that Eduardo used was “Harvard recommends eating healthier during college….”, Harvard is a well-known elite school that it recommends eating certain foods and fruits for college students who need an energy from something natural and not artificial (1). Harvard is known differently by many people for different studies which makes using it as a reference a good way to use in n argument. Second evidence is that he used “As an active college student…” to let readers know that he currently belongs to a college system

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