Analysis Of Joseph Conrad 's ' Heart Of Darkness '

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Shelly Pyakurel
Ellen Stockstill
English 4 DC
27 April 2015
Research Paper
Heart of Darkness is a novel by Joseph Conrad that centers on Marlow, a man who goes to the Congo for a job opportunity. He meets a man named Kurtz, who is well known by many. Once he gets to the Congo, he sees colonialism first-hand. He sees that the natives of the country were practically enslaved and forced to work under very harsh conditions. The two major characters of the novel are Marlow and Kurtz. There are many minor characters throughout the novel as well.
The novel shows readers how black men and women are referred to in such animalistic terms. Not even describing them as humans, but savages. They are not given any names, to the point to that they have no identity. When Marlow speaks about England, he describes it to be a dreary. Dreary indeed as imperialism is brought to light in this novel. “Ultimately, Marlow becomes complicit in the genocide and the madness in the Congo, choosing to conceal what he has discovered in Africa to protect the naivete of a lady.”(Baker).
Joseph Conrad implies that there is really no difference between black and white; that black people are just less advanced than whites. This idea is not really on the same terms with equality or humanistic values, but for that time and day, Conrad had differing views from most people. Most Anglo men and women from that period believed black people to be savages and primitive. The first character to be analyzed in this
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