Analysis Of Judith Lorber 's ' A World Without Gender '

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Barbara Perry’s article “Doing Gender and Doing Gender Inappropriately” addresses violence and gender, and how gender is influenced through the way it is perceived in society. The construction of gender comes in polar extremes, with masculine dominant men and feminine subordinate women. Gendered violence is used to control women as a class. It is a systematic tool used by men to reinforce gender norms and patriarchal ideas of masculine superiority and feminine inferiority. It “terrorizes the collective by victimizing the individual”. Like any dichotomy, it has scripts, and to deviate from these scripts will leave you labeled as ‘unnatural’ and ‘immoral’. These scripts “constrain everything from modes of dress and social roles to ways of expressing emotion and sexual desire”. In Judith Lorber’s “A World Without Gender” we are introduced to the possibility of eliminating gender and how “degendering [would] undercut the patriarchal and oppressive structure of Western Societies”.

Women are raised from childhood to protect themselves from men. We are taught to always be cautious of where men are around us. Ask any women if she feels safe walking in the streets after dark, or walking alone. The answer will inevitably be “no”. Women are raised to always take precautions. From carrying our keys as we walk to our car, to checking the back seats of our cars before we enter to make sure there isn’t some masked hiding man back there waiting to abduct us. We lock our doors as soon
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