Analysis Of Judy Brady 's I Want A Wife

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If there is a model of the ironic writing, Judy Brady will be the one due to the perfect way she wrote: “I Want a Wife”. She targeted the married couples and all males and females who are in a relationship or planning to have one. Nevertheless, it could be understood that Brady’s words are targeting other groups of people such as singles for raising awareness. Through sarcasm, the author’s thoughts and thesis seemed to be quietly impairing her audience as they go through her essay. Judy perfectly plays a wife-seeker role to mention all advantages a man can again having a wife. Meanwhile, Judy’s ironic method of writing reveals how exhausting and unfair it could be as a wife. Whether readers agree or disagree with Judy’s article, her words…show more content…
Unmistakably, the novelist had such a satirical tone in her essay, which performed in a well-organized manner includes the three audience appeals: Logos, Pathos and Ethos. Brady provided clear arguments, for instance, women should serve too much for her man and family. Another argument Brady has mentioned was the inequality when the man looking forward to going to school and be financially supported by the same woman who supposed to spend her time serving his family’s needs rather than build her own future too. In a matter of Pathos, Brady’s piece is super persuasive, she flawlessly blows peoples ' anger against how women are treated by their men. She meant to persuade the folks to change and convince them that the women 's status was unacceptable. When the writer pointed out how miserable the wives’ duties are, she used the emotion to demand this condition to be reformed. Although, her story is classified as an argumentative/persuasive piece, but it wasn’t lack of some Ethos perspectives. For example, she started her speech with a declare that she’s a wife and a mother “I belong to that classification of people known as wives. I am A Wife, not altogether incidentally, I am a mother." (Brady, “I Want a Wife”). This illustration is significant to realize all that she’s claiming is from someone who’s experienced and knowledgeable, especially when consider the time her essay was written in 1972 when the feminist movement was at its peak. Important to realize, the
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