Analysis Of Juggler By Richard Wilbur

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The poem “ Juggler” describes how the tricks the juggler acts out for the crowd amaze and intrigue them. In the poem “Juggler” by Richard Wilbur, the author uses imagery, figurative language and tone to describe the juggler as someone who brings happiness and fun to others. The use of imagery, figurative language, and tone are used to describe the juggler and reveal the speaker’s own views about the world.
Throughout the poem the author uses imagery to describe the juggler’s appearance and the tricks he is accomplishing in his show. For example, Wilbur states, “it takes a sky-blue juggler with five red shake our gravity up.” (lines 6-7). The author’s description of the juggler as someone who can “shake our gravity up” (line 7) shows that the juggler is someone who has a tremendous impact on the audience and the speaker because the audience is full of serious people and the juggler evokes happiness and astonishment from the audience. Moreover, by saying this the audience is able to get an insight into the life of the speaker; we are able to see that not a lot of things happen in the speaker's life that make the speaker happy. Additionally, Wilbur shows the reader the the juggler is performing, the author says, “ Oh, on his toe the table is turning, the broom’s Balancing up on his nose, and the plate whirls. On the tip of the broom!” (lines 9-21). We can see the juggler as he is performing his great trick and how the crowd is happy and amazed at what he is accomplishing through his performance when the author says, “ Damn, what a show,we cry…” ( line 21). Having the crowd cheer at the juggler as he completes his trick of the balancing act showed that people are made happy with small things like the juggling trick the juggler was performing for the crowd.
As the poem progresses, we can see how the juggler manipulates the five red balls he is using to move around his body. Richard Wilbur uses figurative language like personification to show how the balls move by the tricks the juggler does. Wilbur says, “ The balls roll around, wheel on his wheeling hand, learning the ways of lightness, alter to spheres, grazing his finger ends, cling to their course there.” ( lines 8-11). The author explains how the

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