Analysis Of Junot Diaz 's ' The Dreamer '

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The Cost of Education

Life is a constant roller coaster ride of grueling struggles and bittersweet accomplishments. There are also times where one neither wins nor loses, but lessons are always learned. What we do during that time of strife and struggle defines who we will become later. Those who embrace the change and hardship, while finding a way to make it through, will become stronger in the end. In “The Dreamer”, by Junot Diaz, the dream of a young girl to become a nurse never comes to fruition, but her struggles and sacrifices enabled her to move out of a Third World country. Due to his mother’s sacrifices, her son Diaz is able to live a better life, achieving his goals of becoming a writer because she pushed him to better himself with her courage.
In “The Dreamer”, Diaz writes about his mother’s rough childhood in a poor Third World country, before moving to the United States. “…but she grew up one of those poor Third World – Country girls. The brutalized backbone of our world.” (Diaz 128). Those of us who have never witnessed a Third World country wouldn’t really understand what it was like. To have lived through what his mother experienced would have broken most children’s spirits. “The kind of Dominican girl who was destined never to get off the mountain or out of the campo” (Diaz 128). Most who are born in the poverty-stricken slums of Third World countries are destined to die there as well. In this story the author’s mother had other ideas

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