Analysis Of Juvenile Justice Programs

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Juvenile crimes in North Carolina are at an eight year high. Instead of funding more detention facilities across North Carolina, the state should provide the funding for implementing effective treatments and programs to offer a chance of rehabilitation. Juveniles are faced with lockdown facilities that suppresses cognitive growth and development. Currently, instead of funding being used for treatment and programming, it is being set aside to build new facilities which will produce the same recidivism rate.

Statement of Problem

The Juvenile Justice Systems throughout America has had difficulty determining the fine line between delivering a standardized and fair punishment for youth offenders while remaining the
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“Much is known about effective prevention programs from research and practice and the question of how to optimize such programs for cost-effective impact on juvenile behavior is worthy of careful consideration”("Improving The Effectiveness Of Juvenile Justice Programs”).

Not only is it beneficial for society to recognize behaviors which could lead to juvenile behavior but for society to realize how to treat and improve those behaviors. The school systems in which adolescents grow up have a major influence on the outcome of our children. If principles, teachers, and teacher assistants were trained on not only how to detect alarming behaviors, but how to mold and shape it for positive reinforcement in the classroom, it would change the outcome of the type of young teenager they develop into. The earlier this type of alarming behavior can be detected the higher chance of preventing it from spiraling out of control. Some effective programs found on are: bullying prevention programs, after school recreation programs, comprehensive community interventions, social competence promotion curriculums, and conflict resolution and violence prevention programs. It is also effective for teachers to watch and be aware of warning signs children are showing of abuse of neglect at home. The majority of adolescents arrested are victims of abuse and neglect.

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