Analysis Of K 12 Education Case Study

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Issues in K-12 Education Case Study The manner in which standards are applied is highly important in ensuring their success in facilitating student learning and in promoting positive outcomes. To start with, it is important to understand that standards call for a change in the assessment and teaching approaches. Assessment and standards are intertwined, an aspect that makes them both core parts of the instruction program and the curriculum (Tannehill, 2015). Unlike the traditional standards application approaches where the content that students are expected to attain is predetermined, with testing carried out to ensure that students have known such standards, to facilitate proper learning, it is important for the assessment process to be based on establishing whether the students are able to apply the knowledge they have leant as opposed to simply accumulating facts. In addition, as opposed to using standards to foster competition among the students and to rank them against each other, it is important for the state to ensure that the standard-based assessment is directed at providing all the students with a level ground whereby they are assessed against the established standards according to their needs in order to foster achievement of an acceptable level of proficiency and to establish a culture of success (Peacock, Hart, & Drummond, 2012). It is also important for the standards developed to create room for the teachers to be the ones to determine the benchmarks that

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