Analysis Of Kaitlyn Truongcatcalled Roscoe 's House Of Chicken And Waffles Essay

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Kaitlyn TruongCatcalled Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles was always my favorite place to eat until I was followed by two strangers. In the summer of 2013, my best friend Janelle and I went to Huntington Beach to celebrate her passing the driver’s license exam. Janelle is a light-skinned, blonde, 5’1” teenage girl. The weather at the beach was almost perfect -- not too hot and not too cold. The extremely soft sand felt great in between our toes while walking along the neverending palm trees. We spent the whole day gossiping about boys, running aways from seagulls, and tanning under the warm sun. After watching an exquisite sunset filled with red, orange, and yellow skies, we decided to eat at our favorite restaurant in downtown Anaheim. Anaheim was only a twenty minute drive from our hometown, Anaheim Hills, but it had a completely different atmosphere. Anaheim Hills is a safe and affluent city while Anaheim is a poorer city with higher crime rates. Roscoe’s was always packed on a Saturday night and it was not any different that weekend. After driving around the small parking lot multiple times, we were forced to park in a random parking structures that was a mile and a half away. We put on our high school sweatshirt and started the long walk. As we walked out of the parking structure, we heard two voices yell “HEY, YOU TWO ARE BEAUTIFUL!” Shocked and surprised, we turned around to see two dark and tattooed men. The men must have been at least ten years older than us.

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