Analysis Of Karen Abbott 's ' Liar, Temptress, Soldier '

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Tayler Meneguin
Mr. Dittmar
American History
2nd Quarter Book Report
December 18, 2014

Liar, Temptress, Soldier by Karen Abbott was a great book explaining the role of four women had during the civil war. In books, we readers do not alway read about the women and their phenomenal actions and duties during the war. In many peoples minds they just think, the women do not play a role, but in all reality the North would have never won if the women would not have stepped up and took over the farm, industries and help out in the battle field much like Clara Barton did, sadly she is not in this book, many other amazing women in the American history are in this book. Lets start by learning a little about the great civil war these miraculous women fought in. This story had taken place during the time of the civil war. The Civil War is one of the most important war in the history of the United States. This war was also one of the most deadly, it had ended almost 600 thousand young american lives. The war was the most important to the African Americans or what most call them today, the “ blacks”. The civil war had brought so many changes to the great country The United States of America. Those changes included positive changes to the financial system, federal government and many other organizations that would have never come together if the union and confederate armies would not have fought for the independence and the idea to combine ideas to come together to be one great nation.
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