Analysis Of Karen Shan 's ' The Eyes Of Shan '

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1.1 Background Information
In the eyes of Shan’s parents, Shan was a polite and introverted 15 years old teenager. Shan’s sister, Shue, was five years younger than him. She had an outstanding academic result and was very active in extracurricular activities in school.

For Shan’s parents, they are both highly educated person. Mr. Fu is working as a technician whereas Mrs. Fu is a quality-control officer working in a garment factory and due to her job scope, she had to travel locally. All four of them are living in a four-room flat in a decent neighborhood. On the other hand, Shan’s grandparents lived near them and his grandmother supervised the siblings after school hours.

1.2 Objective and Scope
The objective of this report is to analyze and summarize the issues and potential problems which lead to Shan’s negative behavior. Furthermore, there will be alternative solutions to help Shan to become a better person in the future. In addition, there are several possible issues from Shan’s environment that may lead him to have these ill-habits, such as the problems of himself, his parents or the school. To conclude, we will find the best solution that is suitable for him. 2 Three Key Issues

2.1 Shan Himself
One of the key issues that caused Shan 's behaviour would be he himself. For the past 20 months, Shan has been misbehaving and creating a lot of trouble in school such as stealing, speaking in an unpleasant language, smoking, and fighting even though his parents were strict
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