Analysis Of Kate Chopin 's `` Desiree 's Baby ``

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Regionalism reflected in Kate Chopin’s Writings During the latter half of the nineteenth-century, American literature had a renaissance with the development of new writing styles that strived to fully grasp and express the American way of life. Regionalism, which is a writing style that incorporates setting, dialect, and local color of certain regions of the United States was prominent among these new writing styles. Kate Chopin, one of the most prominent feminist writers of the nineteenth-century, masterfully used regionalism to write her literary masterpieces. Through her use of setting, characters, and language, Kate Chopin is considered a regionalist writer. The setting of Chopin’s works draws a picture within the reader’s mind…show more content…
425). Chopin also uses characters to illustrate the customs of social hierarchies that are formed on the bases racial ethnicity. To expound upon this, within the story “At the Cadian Ball,” the reader is privy to a detailed explanation of how social hierarchies functioned in antebellum Louisiana. For example, at the beginning of the story Bobinot is describing Calixta, and he goes on to state her privilege because of her Spanish heritage, “Calixta’s slender foot had never touched Cuban soil; but her mothers had, and the Spanish was in her blood all the same. For that reason the prairie people forgave her much that they would not have over looked in their own daughters and sisters” (Chopin, p. 427). These are examples of how Kate Chopin used characters in her regionalist writing style. The language in Chopin’s works shows regionalism through the dialect of the characters in her stories. Chopin writes her characters lines in such a way that they go on paper how they would have been interpreted by ear. To expand upon this, in the story “At the Cadian Ball,” Chopin displays a masterful job showing the dialect of the uneducated slave Bruce during his conversation with Clarisse. One example of this is when Bruce is defending himself against Clarisse’s accusation that he is lying,
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