Analysis Of Kate Chopin 's ' The Storm '

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Joe Brennan Professor De Angelis ENG-102 September 30, 2015 Analysis of Kate Chopin’s “The Storm” “The Storm” by Kate Chopin is a story of passion and desire where morality has no home when it comes to love, sex, and marriage. “The Storm” as the title implies, tells a story about Calixta a married woman who has an affair with Alcee, a former beau who is also married. As the storm approaches so does Alcee riding upon his horse and he asks “May I come in and wait on your gallery till the storm is over, Calixta?” (Chopin , pg 121). She allows him to stay and wait the storm out, but as it rains even harder he enters the house itself. With a clash of lighting Calixta jumps back from the window and into the arms of Alcee. From that point on a torrent rages outside the house as well as inside as they cannot any longer hold back the desire for each other. As their passion subsides so does the passing storm and life returns to normal. Chopin shows that a woman can love someone and be married to them yet have passion for another. Calixta is a sexually liberated woman in a time in which women were expected to suppress their desires, but she gives in to her desires without reservation because she is able to compartmentalize her feelings for both men regardless of her marital status. In Chopin’s story Calixta clearly loves her husband as she fears for him and her son during the storm and hopes they stayed at Friedheimer’s store. Though when her passion takes over her thoughts
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