Analysis Of Kate Chopin 's ' The Things That A Woman '

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A heroine to me is often an average woman in an unexpected situation, which, despite the odds being piled against her, she usually overcomes in the end. In today’s culture, women have overcome many difficulties to be able to work, teach, vote, have a voice in the government, and even are CEOs. Some people believe that some of these achievements are because of examples that come from literature that have led women to believe in, motivate, and stand up for themselves. In literature the amount of the things that a woman protagonist can do has also changed. Back in the 1800s women characters, whether fictional or not, could not be portrayed as rebellious, working, or even sexual beings. Of course there were some authors that did not follow these rules and they were not being published. Others, instead, wrote their works in a way that would be accepted by society rules, however, they were still making strong-minded women protagonists. One of these very famous authors is Kate Chopin. In every short story or novel her main character was a female. Not many writers during the mid to late 19th century were bold enough to address subjects that Chopin took on. Some of Chopin’s work could not be published until years after her death because of the strong themes that she knew would not be accepted in the world she lived in back then but she just wrote life as she saw it. Chopins short stories are all very different but one thing they have in common is the main character. A lot
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