Analysis Of Kath Walker 's ' We Are Going '

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Among the barriers that divide the mankind, race is the special one (one can say the same about gender). Others such as religion, language, nationality, food, clothing habits, economic status and political ideology can all be changed if one wishes, but not race, it is in the face! The wide spectrum of human skin color betrays our common genetic origin. Although the term race that is attributed to skin color is superficial and unscientific, it has given rise to centuries of prejudices and inequality. Time and again many have voiced their opposition to such social injustices through their medium of choice. The current work of interest is one such example where the poet fights through her poetry against atrocities of the occupiers and racial discrimination. With the publication `We Are Going ' in 1964, Kath Walker (1920-1993) became the first Australian aboriginal poet to publish a book of verse. This brought her an immediate success and international popularity. In this collection of 30 poems, she goes from staging a protest against the foreign oppressors to beautifully describe the delicacies of the aboriginal cultures to fight for the human rights to envision a harmonious future. In order to put these poems in proper perspective, we orient the reader with a brief outline of the aborigines in Australia and a short biography of the author before dwelling into the contents. First Australians The general consensus among the evolutionary biologists and geneticists today is
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