Analysis Of Katharine Cook Briggs And Her Daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers

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Have you ever wondered why you get along with your best friends? Or maybe you are dying to know why particular coworkers get under your skin. Perhaps routine quarreling with your cousin frustrates you. Well, once I concluded after much research that I am the ENFJ personality type, I learned not only how my type relates to the ESTJ type, but also that each person 's unique perception of the world causes many social conflicts due to individuals perceiving and responding to things opposite from their peers.

In order to better understand myself and others, I turned to the reliable, comprehensive Jung typology test developed by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers. This test is based on the work of famous early twentieth century psychologist Carl Jung. The test determines one 's personality type based on four parameters – an introverted/extraverted scale, an intuition/sensing scale, a feeling/thinking scale, and a judging/perceiving scale. By answering a series of questions aimed at determining specific behavioral functions and dispositions, the applicant is given four letters corresponding with the four parameters to represent his or her personality. Sixteen letter combinations representing sixteen different personalities are possible.

After taking multiple typology tests offered by various websites and sifting through the often conflicting results, I concluded that I am an ENFJ personality type. First, I took the test offered by Humanmetrics, which…
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