Analysis Of Katherine Mansfield 's ' Miss Brill '

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Kelly Lee Professor Mello English 1B 10/17/14 Facing reality The story of “Miss Brill,” by Katherine Mansfield, is about an old English teacher, who lives by herself and visits the park every Sunday. Miss Brill sits at the same spot every Sunday, quietly observing her surrounding and listing in on other people’s conversations. Through this observation, she pretends that she is a part of this extravagant play taking place in real life, but in reality, she is just sad and lonely and wants to be a part of something that she doesn’t have. “Miss Brill,” is told through a third person limited omniscient point of view. Through this we do not know the emotional state of Miss Brill. At first Miss Brill comes off as a convincing character who we can symptomize with, but as we read on, we see that her perception is completely unrealistic. The story begins with Miss Brill getting ready to go on her Sunday trip to the park. She is deciding what to bring with her, when she pulls out this old box. What is inside is an old fox fur, “What is happening to me?” (100) she asks, as she took the fox out to stroke it back to life. It was like she sort of knew that she was taking pleasure in the only thing she cared for, which is only a non-living object. But she shook it off and carried on and placed the fur around her neck and headed to the park. At the park is where the perception of who Miss Brill really is, is revealed to us. She sits down on a bench next to an old couple, an old

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