Analysis Of Katherine Mckittrick 's ' The Transatlantic Slave ' And ' Transatlantic Slavery '

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Throughout time there have been different episodes where history has been made when it comes to racialized bodies. There are negative impacts that people have been suffering with due to colonialism, racism, and violence. Unfortunately, there are people who are choosing either to forget about history or ignore the major incidents that people of other races were subjected to. It is interesting how when you look closer at history it provides a clear explanation about issues that have been happening in today’s world.
Katherine McKittrick’s article goes back to “transatlantic slavery” and how this important historical event negatively impacted the lives of black bodies throughout history. Because of this occurrence, white bodies use ‘power over’ black bodies and their oppression over them to make them work to produce profits and to gain more from them in order to create an economy that benefits them. This is an issue that McKittrick identifies as still prevalent and relevant today. As stated her article, “Transatlantic slavery, from the slave ship and beyond, was predicated on various practices of spatialized violence that targeted black bodies and profited from erasing a black sense of place” (pg. 948). Sadly, this moment in history segregated black bodies to be allocated to specific geographic locations around the world. It also defined and reinforced a clear message that white bodies were all supporting each other; it created a binary by identifying who was ‘with’ or…
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