Analysis Of Keep Ya Head Up

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Tupac Shakur’s song “Keep ya head up” from the album Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. came out in 1993, before I was even born. With that being said this song is more so targeted from people of my parents generation. But, my parents were in their 20’s when this came out and still think today it is targeted to younger generations and the people who are now in there 40’s but listened to Tupac back when they were younger. Although, Tupac is deceased his music still carries on today. For the main reason that younger generations grew up to their parents listening to it and this cycle of his music stood against time.Majority of Tupac’s songs and specifically “Keep ya head up” is inspirational. Tupac was wise amongst his years and talked about problems going on in the world and peoples everyday struggles. He is a hip hop artist that moves people, his music is honest and influential. His music is more so targeted towards the black community. With that being said, “Keep ya head up”, is a song that was made to uplift the black community, especially black women in general. It is like a love letter to black women. The song makes reference to the struggle of being a single mom, men being demeaning towards women, poverty, other struggles and basically just feeling the world isn’t mean for certain people to fail. But, in the song Tupac is reassuring them that things are tough now but will get better if you “Keep ya head up”. For example, in the song says “ The blacker the berry the sweeter the

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