Analysis Of Kelly Clarkson 's ' Piece '

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Learning to Trust: Kelly Clarkson – “Piece by Piece”
A recent performance that captured not only the audience but also the judges on American Idol by Kelly Clarkson called “Piece By Piece” not only had everybody in tears but also in complete awe. This performance became huge in the world of Facebook, so many people watching the video, sharing the video, and telling their stories about their feelings related to the lyrics. Throughout this essay I will be discussing Kelly Clarkson’s journey throughout her life, how single family parenting is impacting the society, how the outlook on single family homes have changed throughout generations because it is becoming more of a norm and finally the emotional connection to the songs that she has written in regards to her father and the struggles she has faced throughout her life. To me Kelly has a way of capturing her audience and pulling them into the songs and really making the lyrics make sense, and helping people in similar situations realize that they are not alone in their struggles. Watching the judges including Keith Urban sit and cry at her performance, showed how much this song really spoke to so many people, and got me crying even harder then I was just listening to the song. Kelly has been a huge success since winning the first season of American Idol. She came back to perform this powerful piece on their final show. Even watching Jennifer Lopez’ reaction was hard to see. Everybody was just pulled into this song and you
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