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While reading Ken Bain’s book “What the Best College Students Do” of the five different types of students he describes, I feel like I fall under the label of one having mediocre grades but achieving success. I make good grades, however I do not necessarily believe my grades always reflect my hard work, determination and effort put in, similar to his theory on false hope in standardized testing. Throughout my school career, I have consistently made A and B grades. I can remember only one C grade, which was a quarter grade, and very disappointing, but a lesson learned. At the same time though, and as Bain helped me realize through his text, grades are not everything and making a C is not something that is going to kill me; there is simply more to school than a letter grade. In fact he points out through most of the 1800s schools only used two grades, pass or fail. As seen nowadays, schools have since adopted the letter grade system. As a college freshman, I have a fear not being prepared for the level of classes, realizing that everyone is smart and pretty much on the same level. The pressure to maintain good grades is at times overwhelming but it helps to incorporate good organization and time management skills. Luckily my first semester schedule was one that worked and gave me an opportunity to adjust to college life. High school was so structured and time consuming with the day packed from early morning to late afternoon, with few downtime windows. For me, having extra

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