Analysis Of Kenneth Gergen 's ' The Defense Of Masks '

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In today’s society masks are used depending on the specific social group we interact with. Most people tend to have various masks or personalities when they are with specific people; such as with their friends, family, and during work. In Kenneth Gergen’s essay “In Defense of Masks,” he claims that people are not apt to find a specific mask to which they can be true too however, having various masks could be important because it allows people to adapt to various social groups . I disagree with Gergen’s claim and counter argue that utilizing only one specific mask with whomever we interact with will help anyone live a genuine lifestyle. There are various categories that fall into masks; for instance, makeup, clothing, religion, and appearance. Many individuals acquire masks because they seek approval from others or simply because they are mimicking someone. Once someone adapts to having multiple masks, it is difficult to figure out our true identity due to the variety of personalities that are being portrayed.
Most people utilize certain masks or personalities when they are with a specific group. Various individuals, in the presence of their parents, will act in an orderly fashion and not commit deeds which could get them scolded. When most people are with their friends, they show their true colors. They act totally different because they know their parents are not there to nag or keep them on check. In another instance, when people attend work they utilize their most
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