Analysis Of Kevin Bacon 's Cop Car

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Like so many other once prominently placed, aging actors – Kevin Bacon continues to plug along in the twilight of his acting career, contributing with various roles on both the big screen and small screen. Most recently, Bacon starred in the (now canceled) Fox drama, The Following, though currently looks to rebound in a chilling, thrilling endeavor – simply titled, Cop Car.

In Cop Car, directed by Jon Watts (Clown, 2017’s untitled Spider-Man film), Kevin Bacon stars as Sheriff Kretzer – a crooked officer in a backwoods community that loses his cop car when two young runaways, Travis (James Freedson-Jackson) and Harrison (Hays Wellford), commandeer the cruiser for a joyride.

Originally befuddled by the abrupt absence of his car, Kretzer manages to discover the whereabouts of his car when a woman, Bev (Camryn Manheim), believes she saw two youngsters erratically driving on the highway in a police vehicle.

In the meantime, Travis and Harrison embrace their new “toy” – by driving at will, and playing with the arsenal of weaponry found in the back seat. However, they eventually hear a noise in the trunk – which turns out to by a shackled, bleeding man (Shea Whigham) that the sheriff was in the process of disposing of. And, when he frees himself, it sets up a showdown between the vengeful man and the en route sheriff.

These days, complex plotlines dominate the screen – often incorporating twists and turns, followed by obnoxious shootouts and a plethora of explosions.…
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