Analysis Of Kevin Wilson's Tunneling To The Center Of The Earth

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Three young adults just graduated college with degrees that are not applicable to the world in Kevin Wilson’s story “Tunneling to the Center of the Earth”. The former students still live at home since they are unable to find jobs. This may seem normal for them to not find a job right away but the way they handle it as the story goes on is very unusual. The young adults feel a need to hide from there problems by digging into the earth and separating themselves from the real world. They start to dig tunnels that lead to different places in their town and start to live underground. The actions they take show them getting in touch with their inner child, making the reality of them growing up fade in their mind. The degrees shows that their college experience was a breeze and filled with partying. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics found that, “In October 2011, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics the unemployment rate for 20- to 29-year-olds who had graduated from college in 2011 was 12.6 percent. The rate was 13.5 percent for those who recently had earned bachelor’s degrees and 8.6 percent for those who recently had earned advanced degrees.” Graduating from college, does not mean you are immediately going to have a job. The three young adults graduated with degrees in …show more content…

“Our food was nearly gone. Our tools were broken. Our bodies were tired. We knew it was time to leave but it seemed difficult to say out loud.”(102). They finally came back to reality and realized they could not hide forever. Hunter was the first to leave, Amy second, and the main character last when his parents came and got him. When his parents first came to get him he did not want to go, “I shook my head, said that I didn’t know if I was ready to leave. I couldn’t imagine life above ground, or, if I did, it seemed less tenable than what I had.”(103).He felt as if he had no point in being above ground, nothing to look forward

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