Analysis Of Killings By Andre Dubus

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Families are one of the most important things in life. We have parents, kids, crazy uncles, and weird cousins, but that doesn’t change how it would feel to lose one of them. In the short story Killings, Richard Strout kills Frank Fowler and then suddenly disappears. Matt Fowler, Frank’s father, is suspected of murdering Richard and hiding all the evidence. After losing his son, Matt and his family grieved over the loss of their loved one wanted to see Richard Strout where he belonged, or at least out of sight. Although the story doesn’t reveal what happens to Matt Fowler after Richard Strout is dead, all the evidence, Matt’s PGD, his thirst for revenge, and how he believes the system has failed him when Richard was able to walk free, makes him guilty of killing Richard Strout.
In Killings, Andre Dubus writes about the events just leading up to Richard Strout's disappearance. Matt Fowler was happily married and had three children. One of his sons, Frank Fowler, entered into a relationship with a woman named Mary Ann Strout, who was in the process of getting a divorced with Richard Strout. Once Richard found out about his wife and Frank, he killed Frank out of anger. He was then arrested and then got on bail. Matt Fowler and the rest of his family were not too pleased to see their loved one's murderer was walking free. Matt was getting drinks at his friends, Willis, restaurant one night and found out where Strout works. So they sat outside his work and waited for him to come
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