Analysis Of Kim Kardashian And Kayne West Essay

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Most people have idolized a celebrity at one point in their life, yet how far are we willing to allow that idolization to control our life? Idolization of celebrities help to play a sizable role in the actions of the individuals that make up our society. Kim Kardashian is a well-known celebrity in today’s society, who has an extensive amount of fans. This particular photo is from a spread that Vogue did over “Kim Kardashian and Kayne West in their quest for world domination and the perfect wedding dress” (Bowles 208). Vogue’s cover over the multi-million-dollar couple offered a glimpse into their extravagant lifestyle. Kim shares these bona fide moments of her life in order to help preserve her an image as a genuine celebrity. This photograph of Kim Kardashian, shot for a Vogue spread, represents an image of authenticity as an integral component in the creation of a successful celebrity.
At first glance, the viewer’s eyes are drawn to Kim standing in the middle of the room which makes her the center of attention. Everyone else in the room is situated in way to form a semi-circle around Kim, as if to say they are lesser than her and she is the most important. The Vouge shot image is a full shot of the whole room, yet still demands direct attention to be given to Kim in the middle of the room. Furthermore, the full shot also helps to make Kim appear larger and more paramount than the rest of the people in the room. This full shot is used in a way to capture each person and

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