Analysis Of King Arthur ' And ' Roman De Brut, And The Prose Merlin '

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Within the stories of King Arthur, Merlin is the character always involved with the upbringing, but even before Arthur’s birth Merlin plays an important role. As the enchanter, Merlin must earn the trust of each King by working his way to the top. He has to go through various tests to accomplish this goal and each work has a different approach. Throughout Wace’s text, Roman de Brut, and The Prose Merlin by Rosenberg, Merlin must establish his skills through various acts, such as helping Vortigern’s wise men, building Stonehenge, passing the baron’s test, and assisting Uther with Ygerne. In Roman de Brut, Wace constructs the character of Merlin by having him outsmart Vortigern’s wise men, building Stonehenge, and helping Uther gain a night with Ygerne. While Vortigern is ruling over Britain, he wants to erect a tower, but it fails everytime. Merlin is called upon because the wise men believe that his blood will save the tower. When the sorcerer finds out about the plan to use his blood, he talks down to the men with phrases like, “If you can’t tell us what makes the work fall down, how can you be believed when you say that my blood will make it stand” (91). Even with his condensing tone, Merlin proves himself to Vortigern and is considered a marvelous prophet by the King himself. With his reputation established, the enchanter predicts the fall of Vortigern due to the men who should have the crown, Aurelius and Uther. When Aurelius wins the kingship, he builds a monument in

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