Analysis Of King Louis Xvi And The Royal Family

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On June 21, 1791 King Louis XVI and the royal family left the city of Paris in an attempt to escape the city’s turmoil, and the King’s Jacobin enemies. The King, his wife Marie Antoinette, their two children, the king’s sister, and a governess, began their escape east towards the Austrian border. The escape party managed to make it to Sainte-Menehould, just a couple hours away from the border, before the relay stables manager Drouet recognized them. Drouet followed the party until they stopped to just outside of the town of Varennes. Drouet continued on to Varennes to inform members of the town’s national guard that he had spotted the monarch. After a brief period of disbelief, the guardsmen left to retrieve a couple town councilmen, and Drouet went to delay the royal family until a town leader had arrived. When the escape party arrived in Varennes, the town manager, Jean-Baptiste Sauce met the carriages and asked for their travel papers. Although the passenger’s papers appeared in order, some were skeptical, and the escape party was told that they would have to wait until the morning for their paperwork to be properly inspected. Only a short while later Louis admitted his real identity claiming that he was forced to leave Paris because the Jacobins had taken over the city and that he was not trying to flee France, but get to Montmédy. Although the town leaders initially agreed to help the king to Montmédy, they began to have second thoughts. These second thoughts stemmed
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