Analysis Of ' King 's Glory O ' Brien 's History Of The Future

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When adolescences experiences life changing moments it is difficult to cope with because they are still going through a process of self-discovery. Teenagers tend to think the situations they experience could negatively impact them for the rest of their lives so any guidance they receiver will comfort them. The literature young adults are exposed to impacts their thoughts while emotionally resonating with them. Young adult novels have the power to inspire teens to become better citizens or they can serve as a piece of hope when they are feeling at their lowest. Suggesting novels to young adults that discuss topics such as mental health, specifically suicide and the effects it has on the family and friends of the people who committed…show more content…
In Thirteen Reasons Why, Clay receives tapes from his deceased friend and high school crush Hannah Baker. The tapes create a panic-stricken atmosphere because with the tape, the characters, specifically Clay, actually hear Hannah’s voice explain why she has given up. Similarly to the sketchbook, the tapes give Clay insight on why Hannah committed suicide while describing the pain she was going through. Through the sketchbook and the tapes the reader is exposed to the hurting emotions the suicidal characters endured. It is clear that Hannah as well as Glory’s mother were depressed and were strongly impacted by the people around them. Through Hannah’s tapes Clay realizes the horrid encounters Hannah had and because of the sketchbook Glory learns about the suffering her mother was going through while living her everyday life. Being exposed to these pieces of literature reminds teenagers that their peers could be going through similar situations, creating awareness of the issues that could arise in a person’s life. The passages in both the books also emphasize the emotions Clay and Glory went through while they were trying to understand why the people they love committed suicide. With that being said, another concept highlighted in these novels is the impact suicide could have on the people who were connected to the individual who passed. Glory constantly thinks about the suicide of her

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