Analysis Of Kipling 's ' The Great Gatsby '

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Professor Timothy J. Juntilla English 100 9 December 2015 TITLE Kim is based on the India that Kipling experiences during his five years of working there as a newspaper reporter. “His residence near the primary British Army base in Northwest India….enhanced his already intense admiration for the martial life” (Matin 359). Events in the novel are manipulated to formulate Kipling’s dream of dominated India. Being a product of his time, Kipling believes that the British empire has an obligation to bring “enlightenment” to inferior races and underdeveloped countries. His idea of the best way to rule the native India is expressed by creating Kim who is born in the country, resulting in Kim’s appreciation and favor of the Indian culture. Kipling constructs the native India consists of salvage people who are waiting to be civilized by British and limited by their races no matter how much they contribute to the imperialist system. He has people positively speak on empire’s behalf and recognize the work of British men. Moreover, all the characters exist in the story to help Kim going on the right track to become an imperialist boy and rise above everyone else. Kim’s ultimate choice of British empire’s interest over his loved lama and his being blessed for doing so successfully deliver Kipling’s imperialism message. The White man’s Burden edifies readers who are not familiar to Kipling’s imperialistic ideology. The poem was written and sent to Theodore Roosevelt in 1898 when America

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