Analysis Of Knights Chivalric Code In Monty Python

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The medieval era was one full of strict codes and guidlines on how one should live and behave, among these are the Bible, and most importantly knights chivalric code. It was this that a knight valued above all other things, a knight was expected to rather die than be called a coward. This code is heavily satirized in Monty Python. In the film many characteristics of a knight are exaggerated and pointed fun at in various situations.
A knight above all things must be honorable and courteous. It is seen in Monty Python that whatever possibly bizarre situation King Arthur gets himself in the very first reaction he has is to be courteous and continuing politely with his question or point made where he eventually loses and gives up on being courteous after being antaganized for why he bangs his coconuts together or when requested to cut down a tree with a herring or why he is currently King of Britain. In the first scene we see him very strangely act as though he is on a horse while he has his servant carry all his belongings and bang coconuts together for the sound effect, it seems as though only the knights of the round table do this because we see Roger the Shrubber ride on a carraige drawn by horses so it is not unlike there is a scarcity of horses but rather the knights choose to do so!
A knight also is expected to be brave and heroic and outstanding, this is counteredby each knights behaviors. First they choose to act as though they ride horses instead of buying them,

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