Analysis Of Kobitar Khoje 's Goal

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Kobitar Khoje’s goal is to encourage and motivate young poets through releasing a solo album of their poems by an eminent recitation Artist. The event will patronize these poetry enthusiasts by offering them big platform and canvas, simultaneously the opportunity to record their recitation poem and publish in CD along with publishing a souvenir with your biographic information. This will be a bridge between young poets and eminent poets. The criteria of poems will be Love, creation, rebel, independence and native.

Such kind of first-ever opportunity will give young poets to flourish their skill and make them feel deep magnetism on the writing art that profoundly affected their poems. Nowadays, the practice of poem writing is becoming increasingly popular day by day. There are lots of young and energetic poem writers in and around the Bangladesh. But, they do not have platform and canvas for blooming their skills. So, they might be loose their hope and faith on writing motivation. In this circumstance, Kobitar Khoje’s initiative may bring betterment in the cultural ecosystem in Bangladesh. We see that all the poem recitation CD albums are released with the poetry of famous poets. This time, we are working to promote the young and new poets to encourage them in their writes. The poems should be in Bengali Language. We have planned to publish 1000 CDs with small booklet and 1000 souvenir and we expect that this will lead to development and encourage 100 young and new…

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