Analysis Of Kotter 's ' 1st Eight Stage Process

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A useful concept that John Kotter provides is empowering people to effect change. I have understood that effective change is harvested in the purpose organizations serve to establish. This empowerment derives from the ability to communicate a vision that initiates a sense of purpose and action. I understood that maintaining a purpose for change is imperative in organizing the structure and cohesiveness of dyads and individuals. It is essential for me to analyze my values and core culture to the relevance and alignment towards changes. If I do not position my intent to the organization’s interests and objectives, I may be unable to deliver effective change models and patterns. I would like to implement powerful conditions and alliances to support both the organization’s mission and the individuals’ collective visions. Particularly, I am intrigued with the understandings in Kotter’s 1st eight-stage process: creating a sense of urgency. Kotter reviews ways to raise the urgency level. I considered possible ways to create urgency in an organization. If I am seeking to demonstrate urgency from a personal position, I must use my emotional intelligence to communicate the urgent relevancy to convince colleagues and individuals. To assemble, I could place members in areas and task groupings that reflect their core performance attributes. Assigning tasks from an aligned set of skills can help quicken the pace and stability of our goals and projects. I can monitor this process by
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