Analysis Of Kurt Vonnegut Jr. 's Harrison Bergeron

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In life, when individuals are confined by arbitrary customs, the response frequently varies in unpredictability. As the common disposition of mankind, we do not always make good decisions. Our judgement is driven by emotions and passions, and also by self-biased expressions such as overconfidence in our abilities. More often than not, we are influenced by the actions of others, as we make choices in an effort to satisfy others and ourselves. Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s “Harrison Bergeron” offers a dark insight into an idealistic utopia, and the consequences of a ruthlessly equitable society. Although equality provides a beneficial component to a desirable society, forcing it upon society would ultimately be at the expense of individuality. Initially, Harrison Bergeron is physically constrained by society, however through his willful arrogance and determination to gain control of his own destiny, he soon realizes what he must sacrifice for freedom. Kurt Vonnegut Jr. demonstrates through the character Harrison Bergeron that one will go to extremes to live unconstrained by convention.
Harrison Bergeron is physically constrained by convention, but he brews feelings of defiance within. It is 2081 in futuristic United States, and nobody is different but the same; the same levels of strength, intelligence, and ability. Vonnegut addresses mankind’s fear of differences and change through the government’s exploitation of the desire for equality. The government oppresses its…
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