Analysis Of Kurt Vonnegut 's ' Harrison Bergeron '

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#1 Can we live in Kurt Vonnegut’s story of “Harrison Bergeron” which is a Utopian society where everyone is equal mentally, socially, and physically? Would we need to interact or come together with others in society? #2 “Harrison Bergeron”, a short story written by Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Vonnegut makes it well-known to his readers how dangerous it can be to have total equality. Throughout the story, the author uses comedy, sarcasm, and tone. #3 In Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s short story, “Harrison Bergeron”, the author argues the dangers of a world that is based on total equality. Not only does Vonnegut expose the negative results of being alike, he also shows that we desire to be different from each other.

In the year 2081, all people are created or forced to be equal mentally, socially, and physically. You are “NOT” allowed to be different, whether it is better or worse, than anyone else. If you are intelligent, you must wear a handicapping radio in your ears at all times. This radio blasts a sharp noise, every 20 seconds or so, so you would not use your brain. If you are good looking, you must wear masks, and if you are strong and athletic, you are weighed down with heavy weights. This contradicts everything that we believe in about our society today. This is also what Harrison Bergeron hated about his society. George and Hazel Bergeron are husband and wife and the parents of Harrison Bergeron. Harrison was jailed at the age of 14 due to…
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