Analysis Of Lady At The Virginal With A Gentleman

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A. Scott Baine
ART 1113 GT01E
October 4, 2017

Part I General Information
Title: Lady at the Virginal with a Gentleman, ‘The Music Lesson’
Artist: Johannes Vermeer
Nationality: Dutch
Date Created 1662-1665
Provenance: The painting was made in Great Britain for Jacob Dissius before 1696. After that it was obtained by the low countries by Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini in 1718. After these events the painting started getting sold and bought from person to person. Joseph Smith bought it from Giovanni’s wife. Giovanni’s family then sold it to King George III in 1762.
Location: The first location this painting was located was in the royal collection in the Windsor castle outside of London. It was later moved to Buckingham palace and placed in the picture gallery. It was taken off display for future conservation.
Media: Johannes Vermeer used oil paint on canvas, and he executed the painting by using shades of grey or browns. After those steps he would apply transparent glazes in more saturated colors such as blues, yellows, reds.
Dimensions: 77.3 x 64.5 cm (28 7/8 x 25 3/8 in.)

Part II Description
In the painting “The Music Lesson” There is a little girl playing the piano with her piano teacher. Her piano teacher is watching her play, making sure she is playing the right notes. The piano teacher is using his arm to rest on the piano. There are stained windows on the right side of the paintings letting in some light onto the girl playing the piano. Directly above the little girl is a mirror reflecting the girls face and the other side of the furniture. The walls are not cluttered full of paintings but only have a single painting on the right-side of the room getting halfway cut off. The one picture they have hanging on the wall has a nice picture frame around it. The family has stained windows for showing their wealth and to make their house look pretty. There a marriable floors throughout the room and they are multi colored. There is a white ceramic watering jug with a silver lid sitting on the table with the cloth wrapped over it on the right side of the painting. The jug has a shiny silver top on it. The jug looks very well crafted and expensive. The ceramic watering jug

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