Analysis Of Lakota Woman By Mary Crow Dog

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During this half of semester, I have been introduced to the Indigenous people social rights justice that has been fighting for many decades to stop waichu from taking every possession of their property, freedom, and racial equality. In the book called “Lakota Woman” by Mary Crow Dog, she has been describing her childhood to the age of 39 which has been related to many historical events associated with the American Indian Movement. Many of those American Indian Movement was to fight for their rights to have a safer future for their cultural and religion by finding the solution to end the ubiquitous system of injustice privileges. Mary Crow Dog philosophy in her book has been telling her story on the history of Sioux cultural customs,…show more content…
The starting point that causes the whole catastrophes of the American Indian Movement against the white people was when the lands from the Native possession was stolen and prejudice from the white persecutors. Due to this action, inequality still exists for them just like other Indian kids were forced to give up everything that had given meaning to their lives and now are sent to reservation lands. Just like every single Indian kid that lives in the reservation lands, Crow Dog’s childhood was very poor in all aspect of her life. They did not have enough food, clothes, and loves their parents which later Native people from Sioux tribes were forced to go to boarding school. In these boarding schools, all Native children are imprisoned to only learn the white society ways, not the Indian traditional culture ways. As she quit school, but somehow managed to get her diploma. Crow Dog was living in the society of drugs, alcohol, and larceny until she joins AIM. Mary Crow Dog stated, “I am not bragging, but I am proud that we Lakotas started this” (Dog 80). This shows when she joined the American Indian Movement, she wanted to fight for their social justice even if these actions she takes will cost her own life. This organization she joins has helped her to find true civil rights movement by standing up for what is right for their people. In one of the events of the American Indian Movement, the feeling of rage and

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