Analysis Of Lana Del Rey 's Tropico

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Yulisa Cerezo Engl 001B Dr. Richard Hunt 15 May 2017 Tropico In today’s pop culture, one can see how many artists are trying to create memorable performances to garner an audience in order to convey a message. Typically, artist like to create music videos that have subliminal or explicit video content to get their message across, or they create performances that has a lot of symbolism incorporated. However, other’s like to create short film because they feel that their thoughts or ideas need a more time to be understood and go further in depth rather than a four minute music video. Lana del Rey’s “Tropico” is a thirty-minute long short film that exemplifies the phases of life by incorporating music to detail the narrative she is…show more content…
The viewer then begins to hear Del Rey’ “Body Electric” and the image of Adam and Eve is displayed. In this scene the viewer, clearly has a visual of the book of Genesis. The viewer sees Eve and Adam living in perfect bliss, however that soon turns to something else. Like, how the serpent is tempting Eve and Adam to eat the apple. Soon after, one can hear Marilyn Monroe screaming because the original sin has been committed. This scene is very powerful because it paints a clear distinction of how Eve is the main perpetrator of being expelled out of “paradise”. Adam and Eve defied God, which can be interpreted as the believed themselves higher or at the same level as Him. Eating the fruit can be taken as selling oneself to evil. Before the original sin was committed Eve and Adam were living in perfect oblivion. In the video, you can see this when they are both dancing. However, it seems that it was not enough and it caused to them to be expelled of paradise. The addition of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Jesus Christ is important because in Body Electric, Del Rey refers to Elvis being a father figure, Marilyn as a mother figure and Jesus as her best friend. They are vital because when Eve commits the sin they are all both staring at her with horror. The second chapter we see Adam and Eve in a modern- day Los Angeles. Del Rey (Eve) working as a stripper and Ross (Adam) is a clerk at a convenience store and a gang member. Del Rey
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