Analysis Of Langston Hughes And His Views On Early 20th Century African American Society

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Connor Gamble
Mrs. Carson
AP Literature
7 December 2016
Langston Hughes and His Views on Early 20th-Century African American Society When African American slaves were released from slavery following the American Civil War, the ethnic group was now able to control their own lives, and the U.S had to acknowledge their freedoms and rights as American citizens. However, despite bold beliefs from the war, many white Americans still continued to deny equality to those of color. In addition, African Americans had not expressed their true potential as a cultural and ethnic group. Many years of growing racial tension revolving around civil rights and segregation passed before laws such as the Civil Rights Act of 1965 heavily limited the segregation and racism of the country (Alvah). However, this period of hostility helped develop the African American society into a wide, more approachable culture with variety. The Harlem Renaissance, a period of cultural growth and popularity of the African American culture, showcased the different talents and traits African Americans valued as a community. More importantly, it allowed African Americans to express their struggles and desires for acceptance as American citizens. One poet, Langston Hughes, used his poetry to help define and develop this cultural era, and show the various identities of the African American society. Langston Hughes displayed the unprecedented identities of African Americans in the early 20th century by embodying the…
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