Analysis Of Lars Eighner's 'Dumpster Diving'

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Most people have heard the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. This adage means that you should not make judgements based off of what you see by first glance. This expression is not only related to books, but to people as well. To clarify, if you see a woman walking down the street with makeup on most people will begin to think either one of two things at the snap of a glance. A. She is a makeup artist or B. She is insecure or hiding something. In reality, none of these answers could be the possible truth. This woman can work at a restaurant as a hostess and just enjoy putting on makeup occasionally. Our covers are can be based on a numerous things like the way we speak or displaying common behavior similar to a group of people. The author of the essay “Mother Tongue”, other wise known as Amy Tan, writes about her mother’s “broken” english and how it has taken an impact on her ability. In addition to this, Lars Eighner composes an essay called “Dumpster Diving” in which he records his experience as a homeless man on the street scavenging through garbage to find his next meal. Evident in both the essays and reality, Amy Tan's mother, Lars Eighner, as well as myself, have all been judged by our verbal, stereotypical, and visual covers by others in society thus affecting how we are regarded. For one thing, verbal covers affect the way the communication and understanding between two people. In the essay “Mother Tongue”, there are many instances in which Tan’s

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