Analysis Of ' Laugh At My Pain '

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The title “Laugh at My Pain” may seem odd, but it fits the comedy equation perfectly. In the documentary That’s Not Funny, Mike Celestino stated “tragedy plus time equals comedy” (That’s Not Funny). This equation is saying that some tragedies can eventually be joked about after some time has passed. Kevin Hart uses this simple equation to his advantage by making jokes about the tragedies he has experienced in his life. However, in order to understand Kevin Hart’s comedy, one must first understand Hart’s life. Kevin Hart was born in Philadelphia in 1979. He had one sibling, an older brother named Robert. Kevin and Robert were raised solely by their mother Nancy, because their father was in and out of trouble. When Hart was four years old, his mother kicked his father out of the house because of his involvement with drugs. His parents later became divorced. Hart alludes to his parental issues quite often in his comedy routines. Growing up Kevin Hart also dealt with some troubles regarding his physical appearance. He was only 5’3 in high school which made him an ideal victim for ridicule. This ridicule made Hart think on his feet, because he was prompted to have “comebacks” to the jokes about his height. This helped spark his career in comedy by forcing him to perfect his improv skills. Hart now embraces his short stature and uses it as material in some of his stand-up routines. Kevin Hart’s first inspiration in comedy came from the famous Eddie Murphy. In Hart’s movie
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