Analysis Of ' Laura Palmer ' By Bastille / Running Away From Pencey Prep

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“Laura Palmer” by Bastille// Running Away From Pencey Prep The song “Laura Palmer” by Bastille reminds me of the scene in Catcher in the Rye where Holden ran away from Pencey Prep, thoroughly finished with the “morons” there. Pencey, the last school Holden attended, was full of phonies according to Holden. Although he did not like the people at Pencey, the school provided a generally stable environment for Holden. After Holden ran away from Pencey, he had three days to kill before the start of the Christmas break when he would have to face his parents. His parents would know “something was up” if Holden returned home early instead of at the start of the holiday. In these few days, Holden was denied the relative level of stability and comfort he enjoyed at Pencey Prep and was forced to face the hard reality of the outside world. As I picture Holden in this situation, I can visualize the song “Laura Palmer” through the lyrics “You ran into the night from all you had.” Thus, as in the song, Holden unknowingly left a good situation for one that was worse. This scene was significant to the story line launched Holden into a particularly self-destructive journey. The lyrics “Walking out into the dark” directly apply to Holden. If Pencey was the known and where Holden was going was the unknown, Holden was walking out from the light into the dark, as in the song.

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